Our family has been providing expert local upholstery cleaning services for over thirty years. That means we know a lot about cleaning upholstery, and we do it very well.

When your upholstery is cleaned regularly, it stays looking great and there are other benefits - when the microscopic bits of soil in the upholstery fibers are removed, they can't scratch and tear the fibers, so your furniture tends to last significantly longer, and they also can't pollute the air in your home, so your family can breathe easier and is protected from allergens. 

We don't dry clean - we only do steam cleaning. Only if necessary, your upholstery cleaning professional will gently brush your upholstery before cleaning to loosen particles before steaming, to subject your furniture to the least possible wear and tear while achieving the optimal clean.

And of course, we always provide simple, up-front pricing.

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